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"Nancy's house" is our spring/summer greenhouse filled with vibrant annuals. 

This summer, let our expert designers make an exclusive combination planter or window box for you.  For more information or to check the availability of a specific item, please call us at (207) 781-4142 (in store only).

A true annual is a plant that completes its life cycle in one year. This means it goes from seed to seed and then dies off, during the course of one growing season dropping its seed for the following season. The whole mission of an annual is to produce seed and propagate. That's why deadheading or removing spent flowers before the seed matures produces more flowers and therefore more potential seed. Some examples would be corn, beans, peas, marigold, snapdragon, petunia, and zinnia. Annuals come to bloom quickly and provide long bloom times. they are some of the most adaptable of garden plants needing little more than sufficient light, water, and reasonably fertile soil.
At Allen, Sterling, and Lothrop we offer an extensive selection of annuals, including vegetable and herb seedlings.  We offer many unique varieties and our plants are of the highest quality.

Our annual flowers are locally grown and come in a variety of sizes—jumbo and hanging pots for instant impact and 3”- 4” pots which are perfect for window boxes and container gardens.

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Shirley's House is our year round glass greenhouse filled with orchids, succulents and other lovely house plants.