Felco #600 Pruning Saw

Felco #600 Pruning Saw

Felco #600 Pruning Saw

There is nothing ordinary about the patented blade design of Felco saws, including the Felco #600 folding saw. Unlike conventional saw teeth, which are fi led, and alternately bent, the turbo-cut saw blade is taper ground and each tooth is honed to precise knife-edge sharpness. Fast, easy pull action is easier and safer than other saws. The shape of the turbo-cut blade is thinner at the top and thicker at the bottom-where the teeth are. This unique Felco feature keeps only the teeth in contact with the material to be cut. This prevents clogging and binding, since the sides of the blade never come in contact with the wood. Made in South Korea for Felco. Cuts branches up to 4 inches in diameter.
Overall length 14 inches, blade length 6 inches, weight 4.9 ounces

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EZ Digger (Korean Hand Plow)
As low as $18.99

Sore back and tired forearms? This traditional Korean hand plow (Ho-Mi) dates back over 5000 years! Each beautiful tool is uniquely handmade so that the best of shape and balance can be incorporated. The multiple curves in the tool impart strength and versatility. It is light - only about nine ounces. The hand plow does just about everything in the garden. It resembles a small plow and is used by effortlessly pulling towards you. It works as a hand weeder, a row maker and a seedling transplanter. The edges of the blade are used to level, mound, and loosen soil and cover seeds. This is the tool of choice in most gardens. Get yours today!

Wilcox 102s Stainless Trowel
As low as $0.00

USA Made An AS&L favorite--we all love Wilcox trowels!! Made from one solid piece of stainless steel--with a comfortable plastic grip slid over the handle end. 12" All-Pro Digging Trowel. A fine, narrow bladed digger with a comfortable plastic hand grip. This trowel is excellent for all-around gardening and for transplanting. Stainless.

Wilcox 251s Stainless Trowel

USA Made An AS&L favorite--we all love Wilcox trowels!! Made from one solid piece of stainless steel--with a comfortable plastic grip slid over the handle end. 11" All-Pro Stainless Trowel. The No. 251s Trowel is an excellent all-around digger, featuring a 3" wide blade and a sharp point to cut through hard soil.

Felco 600/3 Pruning Saw Blade
As low as $27.49

Replacement blade for Felco 600 pruning hand saw

Felco #2 Bypass Pruners
As low as $77.49

he original Felco pruner. The most recommended bypass pruners in the world! Loaded with everything that makes a Felco pruner so great. The strong, solid-forged aluminum-alloy handles have easy to grip covers and are nearly unbreakable. The Swiss precision made, hardened, replaceable cutting blade is as sharp as a scalpel. The anvil blade with a sap groove never needs sharpening and should last a lifetime. The hardened steel center bolt and nut with locking segment assure exact adjustment of the closure of the blades. A rubber cushion and shock absorber provide smooth working and soft closing to spare your hands and wrists. Includes adjustment key. Packaged in attractive plastic package suitable for storage, with instructions for care and maintenance tips. Length 8 1/2 inches. Recommended cutting capacity is 1.0 inches.

Yellow Sweet Spanish Onion
As low as $1.50

A very large globe-shaped onion, excellent for shipping or storage. Heavy, yellow-brown skin; pure white, firm, crisp, mild flesh.

    110 days to harvest.
    Heirloom Variety.
    Prefers soil pH 5.5-6.5.
    Plant in full sun, soil temp needs to be warm (70F) for proper germination.

Long Island Improved Brussel Sprouts
As low as $1.50

Introduced in the late 1800's.  Profitable for market and fine fall and winter vegetable for the home garden. Plant dwarf, compact, 20" tall, very uniform. Stem well covered with ...

Knight Garden Pea
As low as $1.50

Garden or English pea. A Progress strain, it is narrower pod than Progress 9, but more peas per pod and often produces in pairs. Plants are vigorous, productive and mature to 22."

    57 days to harvest.
    Open pollinated.
    Disease resistant (Fusarium Wilt, Powdery Mildew, PEMV); for more info on plant diseases and pests: UMaine Cooperative Extension
    Pods average 3½-4" containing 9-10 bright green peas.
    Plant in sandy soil, in a sunny spot.
    Prefers soil pH 6-6.7
    According to Rodale's Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening, legume seed inoculant can increase yields by 15-25%