AS&L Loose Leaf Lettuce Mix

Vegetable Garden Seeds: AS&L Loose Leaf Lettuce Mix

AS&L Loose Leaf Lettuce Mix

Try this "Sterling Quality" mix of lettuces, great for salads or alone with the different colors, shapes, and sizes. A fun way to grow a variety of delicious lettuces in a small garden!

This mix contains 6 types of loose leaf lettuce:

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Broad Or Fava Beans
As low as $3.50

One of the oldest cultivated vegetables.  High in protein (only soy beans have more protein) and vitamins. Fava beans are popular in European and Mediterranean cooking.  A ...

Mâche (Corn Salad- Dutch)

Long, oval, glossy green leaves form tight rosette. Amazing mild, sweet, nutty flavor. Fabulous as a salad green with salmon.  We have a customer who says he grew mâ

Basil, Genovese
As low as $2.50

Basil is an annual. This basil is excellent for making Italian pesto. These plants are uniform, tall, and relatively slow to bolt. The big dark green leaves get about 2" long, and plants get to be 24-30" in height.

    85 days to harvest.
    Plants average 24-30" tall.
    Mature leaves average 2" long.
    Plant in a sunny location (5-8 hours of sun a day).
    Set plants out when day-time temps are consistently in the 70's (F), basil is VERY sensitive to the cold.
    Basil likes soil rich in organic material.  As the summer heats up (soil temps in mid-high 60's (F)) mulch the plants.
    Basil prefer soil pH 5.5-6.5

American Broad Flag Leek
As low as $1.50

 A strong-growing sort with long, thick blanched necks and beautiful blue-green foliage.

  • 130 days to harvest (direct sown) or 80-90 days to harvest from ...
Little Finger "Baby" Carrots
As low as $1.50

New for 2013! Extra sweet gourmet carrot.  The slender, dark orange roots are perfect for kitchen gardens. Preserves well--pickled or frozen. Little Finger does well in small garden plots and containers.

    65 days to harvest.
    "Baby" carrot grows 4" long by 1" thick.
    Tolerates somewhat heavy soil but does best sown in deep, loose soil.
    Prefers soil pH 6-6.8
    Open pollinated.

White Onion Sets

Sold in sets.

Small pearl onions.  Sweet, mild flesh.


Medium-early maturing variety.


Medium-late maturing-perfect for gardeners in the northeast.

Shallot Sets

French shallots are a must have for a gourmet's garden!

Many people use shallots as a mild substitute for garlic. It's sweet and delicious.

Plant in the spring for a fall harvest

Arugula "Rouquette"
As low as $2.50

Arugula is an annual. Used in salads. Wonderful spicy dark green lobed leaves. Easy to grow.

    30-40 days to harvest (harvest baby leaves after 21 days).
    Arugula likes it cool, set them out once day-time temps are consistently in the 40's.
    Direct sow in well-drained soil rich in organic matter.
    Arugula prefers to be planted in full sun in the spring and fall (in summer you can plant it in partial shade to help keep the plant cool)
    Prefers soil pH 6.2-6.8

Plant in rows 15" apart as early in spring as ground can be worked. For continuous supply, plant every few weeks as long as weather is cool. Cover seed 1/4" deep with fine soil, well-pressed down. When young plants are well established, begin thinning. The heading varieties should stand 10 to 12" apart and the leaf varieties 6 to 8" apart.